The Black Miners Museum NLHF Project & the Digging Deep NLHF project, expresses continued gratitude and best wishes to the many volunteers, mentors, project partners, museums, supporting individuals, organisations and members of the public who have or are currently offering their support, knowledge and time to the continued progress and commitment involved in the ongoing development and subsequent completion of this unique, cultural heritage project. Thank you!

If you would like to get involved, contact us to find out how you can contribute.
A special thank you to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Midlands & East and the National Lottery Players for supporting the project, with special mentions to:
Debbie Seaborn
Mark Humphries
Laura Summers
Katie Lloyd
Charlotte Mulliner
Ruth Bellamy
Jocelyn Murdoch, HLF Communications Manager for the East Midlands / Communications Assistant
Shelley Morrell, Camelot Group

Project Leader & Coordinator
Norma Gregory (MA) Historian & Curator http://www.normagregory.com/profile

Advisory Group (project management)
Norma Gregory
Michael Henry
Anne Bradley
Debbie Seaborn
Laura Summers
Chris Weir
Anne Inscker
Andrew Smith
Georgina Ascroft
Delroy Brown

Additional Advisory Group contributors include:
Adrian Stone
Carl Phillips
Garrey Mitchell
Richard Renwick MBE
Dr David Amos
Andrew Smith
Anthony Wright
David Severn
Dr Courtney Alexander-Smith
Verna Gregory
Garfield Robinson
Amanda Epe
Rex Okere
Sam Haigh
Ben Smith
Olivia O'Connor
Jenny Whiston
Eve Gordon
Dev Gordon

Coal mining historians / enthusiasts
Anisha Christian, Jill Clapham, Anne Bradley, Anita Donovan, staff and volunteers and the National Coal Mining Museum for England (NCMMfE)
Dr David Amos (former miner, author)
Anthony Kirby (former miner)
Robert Bradley (former Mines Surveyor)
Alan Beales (former miner, author)
Dr Natalie Braber, Nottingham Trent University
Joerg Arnold, Nottingham University
Eric Eaton, NUM Nottinghamshire (former miner)
Graham Taverner (former miner)
Dave Coleman (former miner)
David Bell (former miner, author)
Dr Johnathan Davies, Miners’ Library, Swansea University
Andrew Smith, Durham Mining Museum
Wayne Thomas, NUM South Wales
James Dymond (former miner)
Gilbert Hopkinson (former personnel manager, Gedling Colliery)
Ross Bradshaw (Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham)
Laura Simpson, Heritage Officer, Nottinghamshire County Council
George Cooper, Fred Hall, Arthur Wheelan, Eric Purdy, Andrea, all staff and volunteers, Bilsthorpe Mining Museum, Nottinghamshire
Peter Hughes
Gareth Howell
Chris Weir
Hugh Edghill
Joseph Evans
Dilwyn Evans
Dr James Fern, Scottish Oral History Centre, University of Strathclyde

In-kind donators & mentors
Lena Gregory
Verna Tomkinson
Celia Almond
Flona Myers
Ryan Walker
Adrian Stone
Delroy Brown
Jenny Whiston
Eve Gordon
Dev Gordon
Richard Renwick MBE
Olivia O’Connor
Bryan O’Connor
Jean Wallace
Councillor Bob Colis
Councillor Merlita Bryan
David Olusuga
Michael Ohajuru
Miranda Kaufman

Social media family. Thank you all
Volunteers - former coal miners of African Caribbean heritage oral history interviewees:

Samuel Rubie
Fitzalbert Taylor
Lincoln Cole
Calvin Wallace
Frederick Darling
Rupert Menzies
Kenneth Campbell
Garrey Mitchell
Andrew Nembhard
William ‘Billy’ Lindsey
Chester Thompson
David Henry
David Henson
Vernon ‘King’ Gregory
Frederick Campbell
Johnson-John Baptiste
Dave Edwards
Rev. Kenneth George Bailey
Alfred McLean
Wilfred Gibson
Rodney Tate
Trevor Clark
Carl Phillips
Oswald ‘Ozzie’ Roberts
Lloyd Brown
William ‘Billy’ Rose
Ivan Seaton Brown
Sheadrock Emmanuel Allan
Abiodun ‘Mac’ Macdonald Williams JP
Dennis Gibson
Royston Thomas
Lloyd Williams
Hopeton ‘Harry’ Lindsey
Lincoln Oram
Winston Stewart
Oswald Thompson
Robert ‘Bob’ Samuel Johnson
Ernest Cuffe
Keith Burt
Dr Desmond Wilson
Lawrence ‘Larry’ Ferron
Hervin Althmond Henry
Vernal Roden
Astley Willis
Jimi Poyser
Neville Goddard
Colin Raymond
Samuel Case
Lloyd Knight
Mr Kenneth Jackson 'Jacko'
Charlie Rose
Herbert Nembhard
Charles Rose
Clyde Forde
Leo 'Eddie' Grant

Relatives of former miners – interviewees / contributors
Liam Liburd (Esmond Liburd, father)
Beverli Taylor (Fitzalbert Taylor, father)
Sandra Russell (Horatio McLean, father)
Bryan Johnson (Harold Johnson, great-grand father, grand father)
Mrs Esther Streete and family (George Streete, husband)
Karen Mieke family (Rupert Miekle, father)
Pam Bailey (Joseph Bailey, father)
Winston Case (Samuel Case, father)
Andy Cole (Lincoln Cole, father)
Anthony Wayne Wright (Victor Wright, father)

Friends of former miners – interviewee / contributors
Arthur Cole memories of Adolfus Gumm, Caerau Colliery, south Wales
Councillor Malcolm Jones (south Wales) memories of Clarence Tuckett, Garth Colliery, south Wales
Bill Powell memories of the black men from the Phillips family & the Glossop family in the village of Abertridwr and Senghenydd, south Wales
Peter Hughes memories
Roiyah Saltus

Norma Gregory
David Severn
Andrea Myer
Carol Edwards
Kate Goddard
Anthony Wright
Adeola Dewis
Nick Watson
Keji Thompson
Steve Fairclough, BBC Radio Wales
James Walker, Dawn of the Unread and BBC Radio 4
Jodie Law, BBC Radio Nottingham
Alan Clifford, BBC Radio Nottingham
Sharon Malia, Notts TV

Learning resources - maps & posters
Zoe Vardi
Keji Thompson
Sam Haigh
Selina Patel
Charlotte Croft
Abbie Gibson

Solo Press
Nottingham Printing
Nottingham Trent University Print Shop
John E Wright, Nottingham
Chris Upton
Norma Gregory
Adrian Stone
David Severn
Jake Howe
Hannah Boothman
Charles Sagoe
Ron Mills
Paul Smith
David Amos
Olivia O'Connor
Howard Sooley
Bella Xia Zhang
Chrissie Min
The Photo Parlour, Nottingham

Nottingham News Centre Media Library
Nottinghamshire County Archives
Nottingham Central Library, Local Studies Library
Black Cultural Archives, London
Nottingham Post Group
Guardian Newspaper
David Owen, The Maerdy Archives
Martin Jenkinson Image Library
Almay Photo Stock
Coal Authority

Administration support
Elaine Gillespie, EMN Transcription Services

Online archive development
Jody Mehl
Damian Jacobs
Tan Chigwanda

Exhibition production
Winnie Kwok
Norma Gregory
Selina Patel
Sam Haigh
Keji Thompson
Abbie Gibson
Charlotte Croft
Saziso Phiri
Anne Bradley
Mark Carlyle

Coal Art workshops / artists
Kathryn Oliver, flyer design and planing
Honey Williams, coal art facilitator
Winnie Kwok, coal art jewellery facilitator
Shaun Pritchard, coal art facilitator
Stella Chadwick, stain glass window facilitator
Karen Thompson, pastel artist

Olivia O'Connor
Lesley Davies
Karen Dawson
Tracey Letts
Amalie M

Graphic designers
Laura Spence
Alan Price
Will Kew
Kathryn Oliver
Winnie Kwok
Honey Williams

Poetry artistes
Munnya Usawana
Arthur Cole
Alex Young
Delroy Brown

Audio editing
Chrissie Min
Nathan Bailey
Tanaka Chigwanda
Marvin Harriott

Documentary film makers
Darnell Vassell - Editor
Nishan Powell - Editor
Tanaka Chigwanda
Ben Smith
Helal Alkaabi
Rex Okere
Cameron Dallas
Lam Yu Ting Wesley
Chrissie Min
Pauline Thomas
Stuart Palmer
Joshua Bissel
Marvin Harriott
Jane Dodge
Darren Harper
James Willson
Nick Watson, Warm Films
Paul Sng, Velvet Joy Productions
Dalton Powell

Black Miners Museum YouTube Channel Heritage Vloggers
Francis Perquera
Kerri Braham
Agata Kazmierczak

Project partners:

Nottingham News Centre
A heritage project management company providing professional services in consultancy, heritage research, heritage media content production (print, online and broadcast) and heritage exhibition production. Founded by
Norma Gregory (MA) in 2013 in Nottingham, East Midlands UK, Nottingham News Centre offers professional services and support for national and international industrial, heritage-related organisations.

" Nottingham News Centre is delighted to lead this pioneering, heritage preservation work to benefit our global community, now and in the future. We celebrate the contributions and the achievements of all people and seek to develop deeper national and global partnerships to continue to lead on industrial heritage preservation and education." Nottingham News Centre's core vision is to:

  1. Collate - source and gather information of significance for educational purpose
  2. Inform - share through media creation and dissimilation
  3. Grow - develop resources and materials in collaboration with individuals and organisations, empowering the public, staff and volunteers through training and development. See our work at: www.nottinghamnewscentre.com

Communities Inc.
Communities Inc. based in Nottingham, uK is passionate about making a long lasting change and empowering communities by actively working towards making hate crime reporting more accessible for everyone. Communities Inc. aims to:

  • Engage with the most marginalised communities to promote their voices and needs
  • Influence people and policy of all levels to implement realistic and sustainable solutions.
  • Develop creative approaches to build the capacity of individuals and organisations.

National Coal Mining Museum for England (NCMMfE)

The National Coal Mining Museum for England in Wakefield, Yorkshire UK, aims to keep coal mining alive by collecting and preserving the industry’s rich heritage, creating enjoyable and inspiring ways to learn for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

"The National Coal Mining Museum for England is delighted to act as a partner with Nottingham News Centre CIC and the team working on the Digging Deep and Black Miners Museum NLHF project. After meeting with some of the volunteers and interviewees, it is clear that these are voices and stories which are not represented in our collections. The Museum has had positive feedback from the regional display which was shown at the Museum during the October half term in 2017 and are excited to host the full Digging Deep touring exhibition from September 2019 in the special exhibition gallery. The Museum is also keen to hold copies of the project interviews made in its audio collection. This is in the hope that not only can we keep these memories and experiences for future generations to learn from, but to raise awareness of the involvement and contribution of the Afro Caribbean community to the mining industry on a national scale."

Supporting organisations:

Mining/ Industrial heritage related organisations:

Bilsthorpe Mining Museum, Nottinghamshire

Miners’ Library, Swansea University, Wales
Big Pit Museum, Wales
Glamorgan Archives, Wales
Coal Mining Museum, Scotland
Nottingham Industrial Museum
Durham Mining Museum
Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers (The Mining Institute), Newcastle
Black Country Living Museum, Wolverhampton
Mines2Minds Education
Scottish Oral History Centre
Historic England

Oral history workshops:
Provided by: National Coal Mining Museum for England (Ann Bradley, Museum Curator)

Media production and training workshops:
Provided by: VPoint TV Production LTD (Sally Reynolds, producer)
Media Production organisations:

The Voice Newspaper, London
Black Cultural Archives, London
The Guardian
The Observer
Channel 4 News
Notts TV
Uplands TV
Antenna Media Centre, Nottingham
The Photo Parlour, Nottingham
Cardiff Productions
Sugar Films Productions
​​​​​​​Swainson Productions
Additional supporting organisations:

Nottingham City Council
Nottinghamshire County Council
Nottinghamshire County Council Archives
New Art Exchange, Nottingham
ACNA (African Caribbean Nationals Artistic Centre), Nottingham
Five Leaves Bookshop
Mapperley Social Club ( formerly Gedling Miners Welfare)
Tuntum Housing Association, Nottingham
Bonline, London
BexLive, Wolverhampton
University of Nottingham
Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Local Studies Library
Nottingham Equal
Nottingham City Council
Spunjii Foods
RM Accountancy
YMCA International Community Centre, Nottingham